Give Your Kitchen an Eco Update

These must-have items will definitely make Mother Nature smile!

eco friendly kitchen

It’s easy to talk about saving the Earth, but sometimes our busy lifestyles can make it more of a challenge than it actually is. Thankfully, just like how there are apps to replace gym time, there are products that can make going green an easy path. Let’s start with a couple of our faves that can give your kitchen an eco-friendly lift!

eco friendly kitchen - ikea sorting bins

The Sorting Bins

Don’t wait till thrash day to separate your recyclables; do it the minute you have something to dispose. Just place a few bins together in your kitchen and, if you’d like, use different coloured thrash bags to differentiate them.

TRY: RATIONELL waste sorting bin, RM25.90 each, IKEA

eco friendly kitchen - ikea container

Blow Off Steam

You know what’s another way to be eco-friendly? By not wasting food. These containers are perfect for keeping leftovers. They’re leak-proof and if you need to reheat them in the microwave, there’s a vent to let the steam out.

TRY: IKEA 365+ food containers, RM7.90 (0.7L) each

eco friendly kitchen - ikea steam insert


Instead of using multiple appliances and using up extra electricity when cooking, why not use a steam insert in your pot to do double duty for you? This way, you can boil AND steam different foods at the same time with ONE pot. You can place up to three inserts on top of each other with this!

TRY: STABIL steamer insert, RM29.90 each, IKEA

eco friendly kitchen - ikea taps

Taps Off!

Mums and Grandmums have always warned us to not waste water, and thankfully, there are now water-saving taps to make sure that we don’t. They work fantastically by reducing water flow without affecting pressure – so there’s no need to painstakingly wash a plate under teeeeeny amounts of water. Plus, it’ll save you a ton on your water bills!

TRY: RINGSKÄR single-lever kitchen mixer tap, RM445, IKEA

eco friendly kitchen - ikea LED

Lighting Champ

Energy saving bulbs may do the trick, but the contending champ is none other than LED lights! They use up to 85% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs, lasts 20 times longer and lights up immediately! Oh, and they contain no mercury.

TRY: RATIONELL LED countertop lighting RM205, IKEA

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