How Sex At Home Will Improve Your Performance at Work

Time to get down and dirty at home more often for that moolah


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You know the comment, “You need to get laid” when someone is grumpy and uptight? Turns out it’s a high possibility that they really do need to get laid. Research shows that people who have more sex at home with their partner are more successful at work and do better in their careers. How? Here are some elaboration:

You’ll Make More Money
Having sex on a regular basis leads to more frequent promotions at work. Yes, you read that right. According to reports, people who have sex four times or more a week are not only are happier but richer too because you’ll be earning higher salaries from your regular promotions. Simply put, more sex equals to more money. Looks like it’s time to schedule more sexy time at home to get more $$$!

You’re More Productive
Not only in bed, but in your work too because regular sex at home equals three times productivity at work. Having frequent sex leads to more enthusiasm, higher positive mood, higher self-esteem, make better decisions, and less discrimination. And this leads you to a more positive mood to produce greater output at work and you’ll feel more accomplished.

You’re Less Stressed Out
If you must know, sex is a natural stress reliever. During sexual intercourse, hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone (that’s a mouthful) or DHEA for short is released and it acts as a boost to your immune system. And what leads to a good immune system? Fewer sick days. Not only that, but sex can also alleviate depression. And orgasms? They release life-prolonging hormones – oxytocin and DHEA – and brain chemicals. Good for health, internally and mentally? We’re definitely sexual healing.

You Have MORE Sex
Not that we’re complaining, we’re just finding more reasons to have more sex and this recent survey just nails the cake for us. According to this survey, a number of entrepreneurs have been found having more sex than other people. The more sex you have, the more successful you are. The more successful you are, the more sex you have. So, when you see successful people hooking up, it’s all for business, really.

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