Malaysian Women Spill On Their Horrible Sexting Slip-Ups

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We admit ,sexting can be fun at times especially when it is with someone you’re in a relationship with. This month, three women reveal their horrible experiences when their images accidentally ended up with the wrong people!

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Gabrielle*, 40

“If you ever wondered why I am so shy, reserved and take a long time to reply a WhatsApp message, it’s because of my horrible experience with the messaging service a few years ago. My husband and I were going through a rough time and our sex life had been a li’l dull. One day, I decided to surprise him by sending him an almost nude picture of myself. I still remember it was after I got a Brazilian wax and I bought myself a see-through nightgown. I thought if I took a picture of me standing in front of the mirror, it would be so boring!

So I got my girlfriend to take a shot of me on the countertop, laying down in the most seductive way, with little left to the imagination. But instead of sending it to my husband, I don’t know how I ended up sending it to everyone on my contact list.

Imagine the horror I went through after that! To cover up the story, I immediately deactivated my number and got a new one. When people asked me, I just told them that my phone was stolen and someone must have hacked into my contact list. Until today, I still can’t get over that incident. While most people believed that lie I told them, I still feel embarrassed to face some of them. Luckily my parents and siblings were not on WhatsApp list back then!”

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