Is He Too Fast or Too Slow?

Guys share their personal time records in the bedroom.

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We’ve got guys telling us what they want you to know about sex and their fears in bed; well, now they’re spilling the truth about their time score in the boudoir. From lasting 15 minutes to going for round two, read their responses and maybe take pointers for the next time your guy needs a little more time to get high!


How long do you usually have sex for?

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“Anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour depending on the intensity and situation. Sometimes, my partner and I prefer being spontaneous and we just jump onto each other when we’re switched on. Other times it’s slow, passionate sex, where we take our time to explore and pleasure each other.”
– Will, 34, Artrepreneur

“On a drunken night, it could take five minutes. However, when you’re in love, let’s just say it’s worth taking the occasional three-hour lunch breaks.”
– Julz, 24, Sound Engineer/Musician


How long does it take you to reach an orgasm?

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“To be honest, if I’m in need of a self quickie, it takes me about five to 10 minutes. If I’m having sex with a partner, it could take up to three hours depending on how energetic I am. My ex-girlfriend, who was really good in bed, had me at half an hour.”
– Andrew*, 26, Public Relations Executive.

“It depends on my mood. If I’m not in the mood, it could take me a painful 30 minutes. My first time with this crush of mine, I was so nervous that I didn’t know what I was doing. It took me over an hour of ups and downs, if you know what I mean… !”
– Zhi Ming*, 28, Engineer


How long do you stay erect?

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“It depends on what I eat two to 12 hours prior to sex. If you’re not eating right, your erection isn’t going to last. If I munch on different kinds of nuts – the more expensive ones – and drink a lot of water that day, I could last two hours or more during sex with the best erection. Otherwise I can stay erect from five to 10 minutes without any form of activity.”
– David*, 27, DJ.

“Depends on when I last did it. If it’s been a while, I tend to stay erect even after an orgasm. The person I’m with at the moment, my mood, the setting and my fatigue level play a huge part too.”
– Clement, 27, Entrepreneur


How long before you are ready for round two?

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“Sometimes it takes an hour or two; sometimes a 10-minute break is good enough. It really depends on who I’m with. If she’s someone I’m extremely attracted to, I’ll be back for round two in no time, that doesn’t happen too often though I think other things come into play as well like how I feel towards the girl or how sober I am.”
– Leo*, 23, Public Relations Executive.

“It usually takes me about two hours at night, but it can also take me 15 minutes, depending on who I’m with. I was seeing a really-hot chick at one point (she was into the kind of things I was into, so that was a plus point) and it took me about 15 minutes for the next round.”
– Matthew*, 28, Event planner


*Names have been changed in the interest of privacy


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