Here’s What Your Sex Life Will Look Like Through The Years

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From your university dorm to the rocking chair at your retirement home, sex will (most probably) be a part of your life. But don’t be mistaken in thinking it’s always going to be the same! We give you a decade-by-decade guide on what to expect from the ebb and flow of lust.

In Your 20’s

YOU: In you 20’s, especially the early years, you probably haven’t reached your sexual peak, You’re still feeling awkward, getting to know your body, and maybe no item of clothing comes off before the light does. At this stage you’re concentrating on pleasing him more than pleasing yourself, so desire may not be at its highest point.

HIM: Men’s testosterone peaks in their late teens (though of course experience will tell you that more testosterone doesn’t guarantee better performance) so you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s brimming with it now. But testosterone starts to decline in thier 20’s. Between 20 to 35 men masturbate less often (but this could be because they’re actually getting laid now), and some say their erections aren’t as hard as they used to be. Many need direct stimulation, as opposed to the instant, causeless, no-touch erections they may have had as teens.

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