This Is Why You Close Your Eyes When Kissing

Have you ever wondered why your eyes tend to close when you’re in the heat of that hot kiss with your beau? Of course, eye contact is a crucial part in making a connection with somebody but not while kissing.


It’s quite intimate when you look into each other’s eyes for a split second but having them open for too long looks and feel hella creepy. Thus, having your eyes shut while kissing is the best combo for that perfect kiss! But why?

According to a study done by psychologists at the University of London, they found that through their experiment studying the vision and tactile sensory experience, participants found it harder to concentrate when multitasking visual activities with physical at the same time.

The psychologists discovered this by gathering some participants and asking them to do letter-searching whilst having a small vibration on their hands. So while their eyes were doing work, they were not so responsive with the tactile senses of the vibration.

In conclusion, your brain has a hard time doing two things at once when it comes to visual senses and physical activities. So it’s the same when it comes to kissing or engaging in sexual activities.


It’s an automatic reaction to having your peepers close as you get closer in contact with your partner. Your brain can’t control the receiving visuals and your hot makeout session at the same time. Keeping them shut will give you more focus and pleasure for you to enjoy how it physically feels when you’re kissing.


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