Birth Control In Malaysia

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2. Hormonal Implant

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An implant is a tiny rod inserted under the skin of your arm. Like the birth control pill, the implant releases a synthetic hormone called progestin to prevent pregnancy. Unlike the pill however, once it’s inserted, you don’t have to do anything. The implant covers you for 3 years, after which it must be replaced with a new implant.

Is it for me?
If you want hormonal birth control, but without the trickiness of remembering to take a pill everyday and replenishing your prescription each month. The implant is convenient if you’re forgetful or if you’ll be travelling a lot. And if you decide you want to get pregnant, just remove the implant and you’ll be fertile the next day. A third of women stop getting their period completely with the implant, so that’s a plus or minus for you depending on how you feel about it. You’ll have to pay a lot more upfront for the implant than other birth control methods.

Where to get it: The implant must be inserted by a healthcare professional, so talk to your usual clinic doctor or make an appointment with a gynaecologist.

Price: Starts at RM 500 for insertion, RM 100 for removal

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