6 Relatable Wedding Advice From Malaysian Celebrity Brides

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3. Yuna

Photo: The Jubsi Company

International singer-songwriter Yuna and her husband, production director Adam Sinclair at their solemnisation ceremony earlier this year.

“There are always going to be setbacks, but remember to remain positive and calm when dealing with these ‘tests’. We booked a different venue at the beginning, and I had already printed our wedding invites. We thought everything was going to be perfectly fine. Little did we know, three months before our wedding day, the venue decided to change our prior arrangement which prompted us to cancel having our wedding there. We were devastated, but remained positive and hopeful that we will find another venue within such a short notice. I went back to square one looking for a venue, which took us about a week.

I feel that regardless of whether things go your way or not, just know that you will have a beautiful wedding at the end of the day. Make the best out of what you have, and just enjoy your special day. If there was anything I would’ve done differently, it would be not taking so long stressing out about the setbacks!”

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