10 Tips For Surviving A Long-Distance Relationship

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How do two people stay close while they’re thousands of miles apart? With a few tips and tricks, long-distance loving won’t be something to fear.

Maybe it was a holiday fling that grew into something much more, or a childhood sweetheart flung halfway across the globe for university or work. Either way, everything’s perfect except for the distance. Do long-distance relationships even work, you may ask. Can you keep loving someone if  you can’t even see or touch them? It’s hard enough to make a regular relationship work, without the difficulties of having oceans between you!

But long-distance relationships can and do succeed. It all comes down to how you both manage it. Try these 10 tips:

1. Communicate

Communication is essential to any sort of relationship. Sharing your emotions is key, and so is making time to talk to each other daily.

In every relationship, near or far, it’ll falter if communication is taken for granted. Let each other know what you’ve been doing and thinking, and you’ll find yourselves feeling emotionally closer, even if not physically.

Make it a point to be in touch some way, every day, more than once if possible– whether it’s a quick Whatsapp message or a chat on the phone. Since you won’t be seeing each other at the end of the day, it’s important to maintain an emotional connection. While you may not always have long, in-depth conversations, think of it as time to share the little details of your day. Keeping your partner informed about your life, no matter how mundane it may seem to you, is important for maintaining a relationship.

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