10 Things Every Budding Photographer Should Know

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When it comes to photography, I’m not a pro. My extent of taking photos is just to point and shoot (and filtering the picture using the VSCO app). Here’s how I upped my photography/ Insta game!

Trying to figure out how to use this massive Leica SL camera | Phot by @bboyrice

Courtesy of BMW Malaysia and Leica, I was whisked away on a 2 days trip to Taiping, Perak. Apart from getting to learn photography on the go, I also got to ride in the sporty BMW 420i and got first-hand driving tips throughout the whole trip as part of the BMW White Card Drive Experience.

The car entourage was headed by the BMW team whilst the photography workshop was lead by Leica and veteran photojournalist, Mathias Heng. He’s been in war and conflict zones, located mainly in the Middle East, capturing different types of devastating situations. 


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The photography workshop was conducted at four different places – Antong Coffee Factory, Charcoal Factory Kuala Sepetang, Matang Dragon Joss Stick Workshop and Taiping Lake Gardens.

Each location had its own set of interesting elements from the people to the  backdrop of each surrounding. These locations are must-visit spots for tourists to see how joss sticks, traditional local coffee, and even charcoal are made.

Of course, all participants who came had to show off their photography skills and present them to Mathias,  who’ll later give  constructive critiques for each of our image. Must say it can be quite intimidating and nerve-wrecking when you have a profession at your side to analyse your amateur work. 

But from the comments that he passed on to us, I learned a lot of handy tips and tricks on how to take good pictures. I personally got them embedded  into my mind and try to apply these steps when taking #Instaworthy shots. I’m not a pro when it comes to photography but I think my skills have improved a li’l from this trip. Here’s some of the things I learned:

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