6 Women On Why Life Begins At 30!

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2. Sarah Hani, Beauty Editor, FEMALE Malaysia

“Compared to six years ago, my life has done a complete 180°. I’m now married with a kid in tow, living far from my parents and yet, it doesn’t feel much different from what it used to be at all. I still like the same comedy shows, the same kind of music genre and food. But making time to hang out with friends has been particularly difficult because of the work and family commitments I have now. At first, I used to get #FOMO when I see friends going out and sharing pictures on Instagram but I really enjoy spending time with my family and I guess that’s what really counts! I’m also equipped with more life experiences at this age. I know when someone is talking bullshi*t, I recognise the importance of time and try to manage it well, and don’t really sweat the small stuff.

Do I feel like a proper grown-up? Far from it! And that’s even with a kid. As for my body, I haven’t made good on my promise to consistently work out, which is bad news seeing how much slower my metabolism rate has dropped. I really need to work on that!

There’s more that I want to achieve like uprooting my family to London (always dream big!), furthering my studies or even making more babies, so I guess there’s a long way to go. Also, I don’t want Rayhan to be in the same educational system as me. I want him to be creative; to challenge the norms and question everything that doesn’t make sense to him.”

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