8 Cellulite-Busting Foods You Need

Beat the orange peel syndrome with these superfoods!

Cellulite – it’s one of the last things every woman want to see on their body (next to wrinkles and pimples). And yet, sadly, we are more prone to it than men, and that’s one battle of the sexes we don’t want to win. While you can combat it with creams, exercise, a no-alcohol-and-smoking lifestyle, and apparently, anti-cellulite jeans, your diet can also play a huge part in reducing and preventing it! Here are eight superfoods that can help.



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It’s almost every Hollywood star’s quick fix to looking amazing on the red carpet because this superfood is great at reducing bloating. Diuretic foods like these (as well as cucumber and celery) help to prevent fluid retention which could trigger cellulite or worsen the appearance of it. Expect freqeunt toilet breaks, though.



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H20 is essential as a natural detox to flush out toxins in our bodies that could reduce skin’s elasticity and slow down blood circulation – both of which can contribute to the build up of bumpy fat deposits beneath our skin a.k.a Miss Cellulite.

Psst… When your body doesn’t have enough water, it will retain whatever amount of water inside it to compensate, leading to water retention. And perhaps, the need for a plateful of asparagus.



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Steady your body’s pH levels with this citrus fruit if you want to give the healthy bacteria inside you a hand in removing toxins from your body. Drink it with a glass of hot water in the morning for a better body-detoxifying effect!



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Keep colds AND cellulite at bay with vitamin C because that’s exactly what your body needs to rebuild and repair your skin. It also produces natural collagen which helps promote skin elasticity. That way, you won’t have to follow Kim K’s trick to preventing stretchmarks.



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Lean proteins such as chicken and white fish can not only help to reduce fatty deposits but also help prevent water retention as they’re loaded with amino acids.



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They’re another good source of vitamin C, but above all, they’re jam-packed with antioxidants and you’ll need those tofight off toxic waste. Enjoy them with your cereal or just replace your usual snacks with a healthy punnet of strawberries instead!



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If it can bust cellulite as well as reduce our stress levels! Fatty acids in oily fish such as salmon have the power tometabolise fat and repair skin tissue! But watch out with your sushi intake or it might just backfire on you.



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Another stress-busting friend, bananas (and mangoes, if you’re interested), have been known to promote blood circulation, so be sure to grab a bunch when you go grocery shopping!

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