Yes, Delicious Samyeang Pizzas Are Coming To You!

Domino’s is making us do nothing but drool.

If you’ve tasted the fiery goodness that is the Korean Samyeang noodles, you’d love what Domino’s has in store! Imagine the fusion of two faves, pizzas and Samyeang brought to life. Savour the magical, tingling sensation on your tastebuds that would leave you craving for days.

Domino’s is debuting its new Samyeang Showdown!

The satisfying burn on your tongue is exactly the right combo of sweet and spicy. Really, the Samyeang sauce is made for the bold foodie! Domino’s pizzas are caressed with spices for the sake of flavour! If you think the pizzas are all that’s new, you’re wrong. FYI, they also have chicken wings to go with your chosen Samyeang pizza too. Check out the hot new menu!


In line for the Samyeang Showdown:

Tuna: Samyeang Tuna Pizza with tuna, onions, cherry tomatoes, dried parsley and creamy onion sauce, all in Samyeang sauce


Chicken: Samyeang Tuna Pizza with roasted chicken, creamy onion sauce, green peppers, onions and dried parsley, all in Samyeang sauce


Beef: Samyeang Tuna Pizza with roasted beef, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and dried parsley, all in Samyeang sauce



Ayam-haseyo: Savoury chicken wings, coated with Samyeang sauce


K-crazed or not, you’ll surely love this one! Beginning from their debut on 26th February, you can take home two regular pizzas from only RM33, two large pizzas from RM55 ortwo Xtra large pizzas from RM77. All sizes come with extra cheese, for your pleasure.

Domino's own Shamsul Amree, Senior General Manager, Operations and Linda Hassan, General Manager, Marketing with The Samyeangs and Ayam-haseyo, introducing the latest innovation from Domino's Pizza

Amazing dance moves by The Samyeangs and Ayam-haseyo

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