The Tragic Beauty of Malaysian Food

Think before you take!



Our local food is said to be, nay IS, what makes us Malaysian. We’ve got so many options and flavours, like our nasi lemak, roti canai, laksa, curry mee… and the list goes on. What’s more when it’s special celebrations, where an endless variety of dishes can be laid out: it’s all lovely and delicious, but we also have the habit of taking more than we can eat! This leads to food waste that just gets thrown away with the rest of the garbage.

Did you know our landfills are made of 47 per cent organic food waste? According to Mentari Alam EKO (Malaysia), the large volume of food waste causes problems for disposal as we also don’t practise separating our organic and solid waste. In addition, the Star reported that the total amount of our daily solid waste weighed in at 38,000 tonnes in 2016, of which 15 000 tonnes comprised food waste. That amount could actually feed about 11 million people a day; that’s how much we’ve been throwing out; what a waste!

We take a lot of things for granted when we indulge in food and this video done by My Save Food shows just how beautiful our delicacies are but how bad we waste food.

Check the short video out here:

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