Thai Cuisine Lovers, Come And Dine At Chakri Palace

Come for the yummy delights, but stay for the hospitality!

At Chakri Palace, the waiters are friendly and the food is great. Dine like a queen with the wide selection of dishes of various flavours, all catering to your tastebuds. They not only have tasty Thai dishes of authentic flavours, but Malaysian faves too!

Experience delicacies of sour, spicy and sweet, as well as refreshing drinks to quench your thirst!

Chakri Palace is celebrating their 19th anniversary, so they are offering a RM19 cut off your meal from now on to May 31st ! Another reason to go, yes?

P/s, as the holy month of Ramadhan is approaching, the restaurant will feature a Ramadhan buffet soon – don’t miss out, and remember to book a spot earlier to avoid disappointment!

Check out our favourites here:

Sausage Roll with Egg & Minced Chicken, Curry Puff and Tago (Coconut Pudding):
A colourful mix of bites, we can't help but sneaking bits from the platter into our own plates! A good appetiser to start the meal with.

Fried Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce:
The black pepper sauce is light to the taste for this one, but the lamb is juicy!

Crispy Prawn with Butter Sauce:
We're all for the buttery goodness this dish gives! The sauce is creamy indeed, it goes very well with a plate of fragrant white rice.

Fried Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce:
No meal is complete without veggies; the crunchy broccoli and carrots are well-matched with Shitake slices.

Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chili Sauce:
Sweet, sour and soft with a tinge of spicyness, this one captures the blend of Thai flavours mixed with Malaysian hints.



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