A Mediterranean Valentine’s

While a Mediterranean holiday with your partner may be in distant plans, you can get a little whiff (and a huge taste) of it this Valentine’s Day at Mediteca.


A Mediterranean Wine and Tapas Bar / Restautant nestled in the heart of the city, you’ll be in for a little getaway as soon as you step in. Gorgeous wooden features give a warm, rustic feel while high ceilings and an open concept provide a fresh modern dining experience.


Fact: Mediteca is managed by The Island Group Hospitality Ltd., which also brought up the famous Nero Group of Restaurants – Nerovivo, Neroteca and Nerofico.


This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be wined and dined with Southern Europe romance, starting off with a sexy plate of tapas, a key offering at Mediteca where customers can savour a variety of flavours offered in their la carte menu.


You will then dig into a fragrant Paella, a much celebrated dish from Spain, followed by a choice of Cod or Veal, and capped with a warm dessert while you and your partner whisper sweet Mediterranean holiday plans. Here’s your full gastronomic experience:


Food images above do not reflect dishes in the Valentine’s Day menu.