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Looking for a hip place where you can dine at on Valentine’s Day? We’d reckon Supperclub KL that’s located at TREC, right beside Zouk KL!

We had a chance to try out the special menu that will be available only 14th February. This four course meal is priced at RM338 +++ per couple and RM688+++ per couple with a bottle of champagne included. Here are some of our favourite dishes that we picked out from the menu:

Amuse Bouche (Other option: Freshly Chucked Oysters)

Tho this isn’t part of the original of this place, it is exclusively available on Supperclub’s Valentine’s Day menu. Made from beef tartar that’s topped with caviar and served mushroom valoute, this O’dourve is a must-try. What I loved most about this dish was the combination of flavours from the beef and mushroom and it’s creamy texture. Must say that although I was a little too full that day (yes, I had a lot to eat before this), this dish got me really curious to try out the rest of the items from the menu that I had selected to try.

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