FEMALE TRIES: A Taste To Remember At Kenny Hills Bistro

Photography: Malay Mail Online

Until today, I still think about the delicious amount of duck roast I consumed that day (super yum) and how caramelised the sirloin steak was as it melts in my mouth with every bite. If you’re familiar with Kenny Hill Bakery located in Bukit Tunku – well guess what? They have a bistro right down the road from their delicious bakery. Perfect for a weekend brunch; their bistro opens from Tuesday till Sunday with a wide variety of food ranging from our asian delicacy to a  western fusion twist. Their lunch menu is served from 11.30am – 3pm while their dinner menu starts up and running from 6.30pm – 10pm.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, we had the opportunity to try a few dishes of their latest menu out in January! We’ve heard so much about their famous duck roast served and prepared by Hong Kong Chef Chan – who could say no to a portion of duck rice on a plate? The photo speaks for itself.

We had the opportunity to try their fusion twist of a squid ink pasta with… wait for it… masak lemak laksa. Now if you’re a fan of laksa and masak lemak, then this is the dish for you. I loved how it balanced out the dish with a sweet and sour taste to a standard pasta dish. The Malaysian in me was intrigued with the amount of flavours and spices that burst in my mouth. As for the meat lovers, this was one of the most satisfying plate to see on our table that day. An artistic way of plating a dish, KHB presented to us the (drum roll please) sirloin steak with soy sauce along with deconstructed chimichurri, smash baby potatoes, shallot garlic + 100% pure sea salt as the side dish. Sounds electrifying doesn’t it?

If you haven’t made your way to Kenny Hill Bistro, what are you waiting for? Oh and here’s an extra tip: not only are the main dishes delicious in terms of taste, flavour and its portion made for you but the desserts are to die for! Make your way to the bakery if you haven’t. Perfect way to start or end the week to unwind and dine with your BFFs.

Lot H-1, Taman Tunku, Off Langgak Tunku, Kuala Lumpur