FEMALE Tries: 4FINGERS’ Limited Edition Firecracker Chicken

Spicy food isn’t just exciting, it can be a heavenly taste for chilli-head aficionados’ taste buds. Some people relish the fiery sensation of a tongue-melting spicy dish, but others choose to avoid spiciness at all cost as they’ll break into hot flush even at a hint of chilli.

If you truly enjoy a fiery blast from spicy food, 4FINGERS’ latest Firecracker chicken is a dish you need to try this Lunar New Year.

As its name suggests, this feisty flavour is packed with an aromatic, spicy kick made with fresh spices. The Firecracker chicken is hand-brushed with a generous amount of chilli oil, white sesame oil and 4FINGERS signature soy sauce, then dusted with mala spices such as black pepper, cumin, Szechuan peppercorn and chilli padi.

Dave Acton, CEO of 4FINGERS (left) and chef Bjorn Shen (right) showing off the new Firecracker chicken

The limited edition dish was specially crafted in collaboration with Singaporean celebrity chef and fried chicken lover, Bjorn Shen who’s well-known for his unique style of cooking he coined ‘dudestronomy’.

We had the chance to indulge in this fiery new menu and it was truly a kick to our taste buds. Before taking a bite into it, you can expect to smell the heat from the chilli oil and Szechuan peppercorns as it permeates the air.

The combination of spices hit our taste buds instantly as we bit into the crispy yet juicy chicken, but it was only after a few seconds later when we felt the zing and spiciness that quickly spread through our mouth and lips. As the heat from the spices intensified, we couldn’t help but reach out for a second piece as the flavours were truly mouthwatering. For those who are afraid to try out a mala dish, this is a great introductory taste to the flavour.

À La Carte Items From RM15 | Meal Bundles from RM19.70

Available in its signature wingettes, drummettes and drumsticks, the banging new menu item can be found across all 14 4FINGERS outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru throughout the festive Lunar New Year season. For more information, check out 4FINGERS’ website.

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