7 Healthy Yummy Food and Drinks To Order From Lushbowl!

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I’m always on a hunt for great places to eat where the foods are geared for anyone who’s looking for healthier options and here at Lushbowl, they deliver it with a big satisfying YUM! I did some research on them i.e.instagram to check out what they’re serving – and I was excited to try their menu!

Founder Siew Suet Sim was inspired to open up a smoothie bowl shop after she came back from a trip in Bali with her partner. This five months old eatery has a very lively environment with its real planters on display around the store, cute furniture (which she designed) in a very simple shop.

They provide premium dishes with the freshest ingredients from the salmon to the vegetables and fruits, definitely worth it for its price range. Suet’s idea of Lushbowl was to change the perception of what people think of healthy food in general. She wanted to create healthy meals that are full of nutritional value but full of flavourful that everyone can enjoy.

Located in Plaza Damas (a growing food haven), I went and try out a few of their dishes, drinks, and desserts. Here are my top 7 things to try at Lushbowl!

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