5 Teas That’ll Transport You Off to Dreamland

Swap your daily coffee for a cup of tea.

The new year is all about kicking yourself to a fresh new start. One of the first things that’ll keep you on your toes is by catching some proper sleep. Tumblr may have reassured you that those midnight thoughts are extremely common. Still, a girl’s gotta get enough sleep to function in life. So if you’re a tea kind of person, you might want to start stocking up after this. These tea ingredients can be enjoyed by itself or stirred along with some good ol’ honey.

  1. Chamomile tea

Photography: Tumblr

It’s known to be an epitome of all sleeping teas. You can feel the sensation of your mind being calmed down as you drink it. Camomile tea is also perfect for those who experience anxiety as well. However, you might want to stay away from it during lunch hour, since it could knock you out ASAP. Unless of course, if you’re not working that day.


  1. Passion flower tea

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Grab a cuppa when your stomach is acting up. Although it is not really suitable to drink while you’re on medication, pregnant, or breast feeding, passion flower is known to for its pros such as improving symptoms of ADHD and help those with depression. It’s great if you want to try something different with the same calming effects.


  1. Lavender tea

Photography: healthline.com

We can’t miss this out from our list. There’s two ways you can enjoy lavender tea. You either have it by itself or have it mixed together with different varieties of herbal ingredients. There are many types of lavender teas that you can spot in the store these days. Or to make things easier, why not just add in a slice of lemon to your lavender tea? It’s up to you!


  1. Lemon balm tea
Photography: alemanyfarmherbs.com

Photography: alemanyfarmherbs.com

Speaking of lemons, lemon balm is another recommended tea that’ll contribute to better sleep. If you’re looking to get out from a mind rut, lemon balm tea is your sidekick. Drinking it will protect your brain cells, since it’s proven to help those with stroke. Your alertness towards your surroundings will definitely increase as well. In short, lemon balm is really good for the brain.


  1. Valerian root tea

Photography: indigo-herbs.co.uk

This is a life saver if you happen to suffer from the intense combination of sleeping problems and mood swings. Though it’s pretty bitter, the sedative quality that comes along with it doesn’t stop anyone from hitting the hay peacefully. For a peace of mind, why not give this a shot?

Written by Nadrah Ahmad Kamal

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