4 Places To Get Vibrantly Blue Butterfly Pea Tea Drinks

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With the typical hot weather we have in Malaysia, we’re always in the search for a good cup of beverage to keep our body hydrated.

As many new tea beverages brands ranging from bubble teas to cheese teas started mushrooming around the city, the options for a cup of thirst quencher is unlimited. But have you ever come across a naturally blue-coloured tea?

Blue food is not something common you can find in any restaurants or cafes, especially since there aren’t many food or ingredients that are naturally blue. However, the Bunga Telang which is a native flower plant in Malaysia has been known for lending its hue as a natural blue colouring in much traditional cooking for the past couple of decades.

Known also as the butterfly pea flower, the blue petaled bloom is gaining popularity worldwide in the form of a brewed tea. It’s rich in health benefits including anti-diabetic properties, ability to prevent premature ageing of the skin, anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic paine-relieving properties. But what’s most interesting about the butterfly pea tea is its beautiful, deep, midnight blue shade that has the ability to change colour.

If you’re up to reaping the benefits of butterfly pea flower tea as well as snapping some Instagram-worthy shots of colourful, unicorn-like beverages, head over to these four places now.

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