4 Places For A Healthy Buddha Bowl

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If you’re feeling indecisive on what to have for your next meal, a quick scroll through Instagram’s hashtag #FoodOfTheDay will alert you to the rise of “bowl food”.

Acai bowls, poké bowls and smoothie bowls are a few to name in the list of this food trend and many people are seemingly opting for these “bowl food” due to their health benefits.

The rise of bowl-eating is focused on layering nutritious food including grains, nuts, seeds and protein to create a meal that’s said to be nourishing and low in calories. Not only does the serving look absolutely stunning due to its vibrant colour, but it’s also slowly becoming health enthusiasts’ go-to food to feast on.

Photo: Unsplash

As acai bowls and smoothie bowls are made from fruits, they’re a popular choice as breakfast and snack meals. On the other hand, those who are looking for a delicious and filling savoury meal can opt for the trendy poké bowl or Buddha bowl.

Although both creations are seemingly similar, Buddha bowls are mainly made of grains, seeds, greens and vegetarian protein such as tofu and legumes. On the contrary, the ingredients in the Hawaiian dish of poké bowls include rice, seaweed, sweet onions and raw fish such as tuna or salmon.

Cafes selling poké bowls are budding around town due to popular demand over the past few years, but what about Buddha bowls? Here are four places around the Klang Valley you can visit if you’re craving for this nourishing vegetarian dish.

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