What to do if You Are Friendless at Work?

Don’t fret, curb your way around the problem.

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Do you feel like avoiding work because your colleagues hate you? Here are some ways of fixing the situation without leaving your jobs.


  1. Should I stick around?

Do stick around if you still love what you do, despite the colleagues that you have. To counter the problem, confront it and see what went wrong. Be truly honest with yourself without putting yourself down.


  1. Ask someone for their opinion

Get an honest opinion from a friend who can help you find the root of the problem. It could be a behaviour of yours that may doesn’t sit in well with your other colleagues. Another way is to invite an approachable co-worker out for a coffee after work, and tell them that you feel left out or hated. By showing your sincerity and willingness to fix the situation, your colleague will be able to show you how the rest of your workmates feel.


  1. Cheer up!

The situation may be lighter than you have expected. It could be a different office environment that you’re not really used to, or the fact that you’ve been really into your work with very little time to socialise with your co-workers. You’ll need to start warming up to them. Perhaps offer them food to share with you, email them jokes or even ask them out for lunch. It’ll take some time for them to get used to you, but you’re getting there!


  1. Learning emotional intelligence

Charisma isn’t just something that some lucky people are born with. Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, can be honed in a working environment. By doing so it allows you to be aware that emotions are always present. Treat others as how you would like them to treat you.


  1. Network

After you get the hang of maintaining healthy relationships, the next step is to build more relationships. Develop a method of turning acquaintances into long-term relationships. With the right mindset and people skills, you will always be surrounded with friends.


  1. If you really have to leave

If you have a frown every time you leave for work, perhaps you should consider making an exit. You do, however, need to be aware of the mistake you may have done on your part in order to avoid that in a new environment.


This article was first published in Female Business 2005/6

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