The Truth About Your Man’s Spending Habits

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His ways with his money may reveal how he truly is.

Guy 1: The Spend Thrift


Amir and Jasmin are currently dating. At first, his gesture of paying for the both of them during dinner dates makes her feel like a princess. Though after a while Jasmin feels that she can’t just let him cover for all of their date nights expenses, especially since she’s earning just as much as him! Jasmin is starting to wonder if Amir is naturally a huge spender.

Getting around it:

Like they say, honesty is the best policy. Jasmin needs to set things straight with her man. She needs to assure him that a one way give-and-receive relationship makes her uneasy. For a relationship to really work, both individuals should be supporting each other. But if Amir still refuses on going dutch during their dinner dates, Jasmin will have to find an alternative way for Amir to stop paying up for the both of them. Perhaps a home cooked dinner for him will ‘trap’ him into letting her treat him once in a while.

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