Balancing Your Passion Project and Career

What do you do when you have your head’s on at your weekday CEO job but share a deep love for writing?

Photography: Pinterest

Photography: Pinterest

Bring your passion to live of course! We share some ways on balancing both at the same time.

1. Sorting out your time

When it comes to having two jobs, do note that you will have lack of time for yourself. You’ll need to sort out the hours in your day in order to be able to perform certain tasks for both work and your past time. For starters you might want to sort things out using an organiser.

2. An equal balance

By focusing on your passion it’s doesn’t necessarily rule out your main job from your life. To ensure this you’ll need to split up time you’ll be investing in for both jobs. For your second job, it’s advisable to go through it during the weekends or after office hours to make sure that the balance is always there.

3. Absolutely no interference

That’s right. Mixing both career and passion won’t form a good fit. That means you shouldn’t use your office facilities to keep in touch with your clients from your personal business. It’s unethical and may collide with the policy of your work place. To make things simple, get your own contact number, email address and perhaps a fax machine at home for your passion project. You could always get your documents photocopied at the shop. It’s also better to create a new bank account as well.

4. Challenge yourself

When your passion and working life isn’t from the same field, you’ll need to have the ability to mentally sync yourself when it comes to completing the job. Though it may differ so much from each other, both of your working skills and willingness to bring your passion to life will aid you to a good start.

5. Work with a pattern

Try finding a method that simply works with your flow, regardless of the type of work you’re producing at that moment. When it comes to both your work and passion, the method should be easy and effective to go with. Unnecessary tasks should be thrown out.

6. Move forward

Keep yourself in the fast-phased momentum and never slow down! It’ll make you to be the best at work and your passion project. Don’t let the negative feelings get to you, as falling behind will make it more difficult for one to deal with it. It’s safe to keep yourself ahead of things.

7. Procrastinate? Not here, buddy

That includes kicking off the beginning to your new project. Being passionate about something should motivate you enough to chase after it! Daydreaming about it will only let you stay stagnant in the same spot. When you think about it, juggling two jobs may seem scary at first but the outcome will be really worth it!

Written by Joy Entry

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