9 Amazing Malaysian Artists You’ll Want To Follow

You’ll love having these talented Malaysian artists on your feed.



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Hwei’s art is distinct for its soft, flowing lines and captivating organic painted style, almost reminiscent of traditional Chinese art. She now illustrates Mirror, a comic series published by Image Comics.



Myra’s portfolio may be small, but that doesn’t make it any less stunning. In her most arresting piece titled The Introvert, a hijab-donning girl dons a strawberry-pink gas mask and unicorn skull shoulder pads. In other pieces, she imagines her hijabis in all sorts of ass-kicking situations– wielding a large gun in full-body futuristic armour, for instance.



Known for her amazingly intricate interior art, browsing through Qing’s gallery will transport you to a myriad of beautiful worlds both nostalgic and fantastical. Her Hogwarts common room redesigns are absolutely magnificent.



It’s hard to choose your favourite thing from Tuan Nini’s amazingly rich portfolio– literally everything is gorgeous. But what really stands out are her deliciously render food illustrations!  You can see her beautiful work in the book “The Food That Makes Us”, a collection of Malaysian recipes and recollections.



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It’s impossible not to smile at Brindha’s bright, surreal illustrations. If they look familiar to you, you’ve probably seen them adorning the pages of our sister magazines, or on an event poster. Brindha’s iconic art is definitely one to look out for!



Fishball’s comic strips capture both the mundanity and hilarity of her everyday life with her gigantic boyfriend. Her webtoon “My Giant Nerd Boyfriend” updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and is sure to make you laugh.



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Reimena, a self-described strange and fancy illustrator, creates the most charming works of art– including a series of illustrations that appear to be off a young, Malaysian witch who sports #syiok crop tops alongside her pointed hat, listens to Yuna and nibbles on ais krim potong while scooting off on her broomstick.

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Fashion designer Man Chien hand-paints her garments with vivid brush strokes that evoke her favourite themes of existentialism and emotions.



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Freelance visual artist Valery makes stunning mixed-media collages that magically capture and show off the unique experience of a young adult growing up Malaysia, with a hefty dose of millennial pink. There’s something dreamy and Virgin Suicides-esque about Valery’s art that’s utterly captivating.



For more amazing Malaysian women artists, check out @MyWomensArt on Twitter!