11 Unique and Cool Ways to Hang Your Clothes

It’s time to grab your favourite fashion pieces and put them out for show on these not-your-typical clothes rack!

The idea of having a clothes rack in your room makes for a very chic Pinterest worthy room. Obviously having your whole wardrobe out may not be practical, but displaying your signature pieces or coloured and interesting garments out can actually be a part of your room décor and some designs are space savers. There are those typical stand racks but you know you’re more of a ‘I want something different, something unique’ kind of gal. So we’ve found some cool ways for you to hang your clothes that’ll sure make a great focal point in your personal space.

1. Minimalist Rack

Photography: Pinterest

How about this leaning rack of awesome minimalistic approach? The clean lines and brass details of the fittings look very simple and modern, perfect to let your garments shine!

2. Hooks and Chains

Photography: Pinterest

Do you love sailing or perhaps the ocean? Upcycle sail hooks and add a touch of  nautical vibe in your room. Besides having your clothes out on display, the chains and hooks also have their own spark to it.

3. Bundled Up

Photography: Pinterest

This is definitely an unconventional way of displaying your clothes. But with the right colour combination of clothes, it’s a great unique display setting.

4. Bead It!

Photography: Pinterest

You can easily create your own clay beads and recreate this fresh take on a normal clothes line. Super pretty!

5. Strong Grounds

Photography: Pinterest

The concrete bases makes it look very industrial yet minimal with its no fuss piping rack.

6. Ropes and Ropes

Photography: Pinterest

Achieve the illusion of a high ceiling by hanging ropes. Have different length ropes to add dimension to the design.

7. Branch

Photography: Pinterest

Get out of your house, venture out and look for a thick branch that has an interesting shape and is still in good condition. Desensitise it, paint it for a pop of colour or leave it as it is for a more Scandinavian appeal and it’s good to hang.

8. Graphic Display

Photography: Pinterest

Have your favourite band’s T-shirt or ones with cool designs on display like this. Instead of hanging up photos on the wall, have this rustic T-shirt system for some picture elements.

9. Hang Cycle

Photography: Pinterest

A definite centrepiece that’s bound to have people talking. Repurpose your un-used bicycle and flip it upside down to provide a hanging space. Now that’s different!

10. Spin the Tyre

A merry go round for clothes that’s super cool to have. Recycle old bicycle tyre and have it turn into a nifty clothes rack. 

11. Sit Up

Instead of having a shelf and some hooks, use a foldable chair. This is a smart storage system that works in three ways – chairs are hanged when not in use, to hang the clothes and to store boxes on the seat. Convenient!

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