Why Some Of Us Are Born To Live The Night

Can’t explain why you’re always drowsy and tired during the day? Here’s your answer…

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Do you often feel groggy in the morning? Always feel fatigued and sleepy come noon? If you’re saying yes to both, it’s not because of your lack of sleep, it’s due to the way you’re biologically and genetically wired.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we had that quizzical look on our faces too when we read that statement. According to a recent study, researchers found that night owls have different behavioral, cognitive and emotional differences compared to the early birds – even though both groups clock in their bedtime at the same hours.

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Scientists believe that this is due to the individual’s chronotype (aka our personal ‘body clock’). It wires our body to clock itself to sleep at different periods of the day. In the course of the human evolution, we’ve come to apply that when the sun’s out, it’s natural to wake up and do our day’s work and sleep when the moon’s lit up. However, some of us are programmed to do the opposite, which is why night owls feel tired and sleepy in the day. Generally they’re not lazy, they’re actually just born to work better at a different time.

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Because of this, many scientist are calling for more flexible working hours for employees. So no more nine-to-five working hours (and also, no clock-in time earlier than 8.30am, fingers crossed!). Basically, it’s about when you sleep and not the hours you sleep. Now that’s a notion we wouldn’t mind agreeing too *wink*!

Source: Daily Mail

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