Today is World AIDS day!

Photography: TeamUnite

Photography: TeamUnite

This year’s theme ‘Hands Up for #HIVprevention’ reminds us that the choice to prevent HIV is in our hands. It’s within our control to reduce the number of HIV transmitted disease.


Photogrpahy: Twitter

Photography: Twitter


One of the global goals under the United Natons Sustainable Development Programme is for countries to join forces as a whole and to speed up the process to put an end to AIDS by 2030. According to the annual report prepared by the Malaysian AIDS Council in 2013, the total number of AIDS related deaths in this country in that year was 16,340. From 1986 to  date, 108,519 people were reported to suffer from this disease – 10 per cent of them are women and the other 90 per cent are men.

The President of the Malaysian AIDS Council, Bakhtiar Talhah said the numbers are still under control ever since there was a 60 per cent drop in new HIV infections since 2002 (from 6,978 cases to 3,393 cases). In Malaysia, HIV is mainly spread through heterosexuals, followed by a tie with homo/bisexual and drug abusers, mother-to-child and other unknown factors that are yet to be known. See below:

Photography: Malaysian AIDS Council Annual Report 2013

Photography: Malaysian AIDS Council Annual Report 2013

So how do we work towards achieving our 2030 goal set by the United Nations? Simple: Have safe sex, get yourself checked, get your partners checked, and don’t do drugs. The guys at The Body made a compact infographic of ways you keep yourself and your loved ones free of HIV.

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