A Lingerie Model Exposes The 6 Common Poses That Transform Your Body On Instagram

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“Just be super aware when you’re looking at perfected images what actually goes on behind the scenes.”

Everyone looks great on Instagram. That’s a fact. Because if you had the choice, why wouldn’t you upload the photo that makes you look your best? With the right lighting, angle, pose, and even beautifying apps, there’s always a way to look amazing.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s perfectly normal to want to look good. The problem only arises when you start expecting yourself to look that great in real life as well, and feel bad when reality doesn’t match up to expectations.

Enter the body positivity movement, which is aimed towards highlighting how Instagram doesn’t tell the full story and more importantly, that it’s okay to look different from your picture-perfect self. Lingerie model Iskra Lawrence has always been huge ambassador of the movement and her recent Instagram post shows how easily the right pose can change the way you look in a photograph. With 14 years of modelling experience, she definitely knows her stuff.

“I wanted to get super real and show u how drastically and instantly ppl can change how they look simply by posing!” she wrote. “I’ve talked about this a lot in the past but in this video I show you 7 ways in which posing can dramatically change how we look.”

Iskra notes that she uses these poses herself and emphasises that there’s “nothing wrong with moving your body in ways you feel most comfortable or confident but let’s be honest and show the actual process.”

1. A Flatter Stomach

Photo: Instagram / @iskra

When you sit in a certain way, your midsection folds over itself and you may see rolls, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. Even if you may not see photos like that in the media, “it’s your body,” says Iskra. “Whatever it naturally does is good enough.” But if you want to look like you have washboard abs, try a model-certified pose. Sitting up straight and extending your body can stretch out and flatten your stomach. Lighting also helps bring out ab definition, while the right angle can make your waist look even smaller.

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