7 Facts about Vaginas that Every Woman Should Know

If you don’t know, now you know.

Photo: bustle

Photo: bustle

Despite that we’re stuck with a vagina for our whole lives, might as well get to know about it a little bit better which we never learn in high school:

The vagina can stretch to THREE TIMES its original size
According to Yale Medical School; the typical baseline diameter of a vagina is about 3cm while an infant’s head is around 10cm across. As much as how big the head or the size of the penis, our vagina will snap back to its original size within a few minutes or in a couple of hours.

Vaginas can also lengthen during arousal from an average length (i.e. depth) of 7 cm up to 11cm to accommodate a penis, no matter the size. So no, there is no such thing as “loose” vagina if a woman chooses to be promiscuous.


Photo: i_spy_vagina

Vagina is self-cleaning
You read that right, our vagina is a self-cleaning oven. Vagina produces natural fluids to flush out bad bacteria and maintain healthy pH hence the reason of the discharge we’ve been having in our panties. That’s why you don’t need to and shouldn’t douche.

If you’re thinking of using feminine wash to get rid of our natural vagina odor, don’t. Our vajayjay is meant to smell like vagina, not flowers or a tropical fruit. Using any some type of feminine wash will imbalance the pH and that will cause an odor. Just water will do for our delicate flowers. Wash and wipe.

It self-lubricates too

While men need lotion or baby oil to help them to their personal business, we don’t need any help from it. Lubricant is lovely, but most women don’t need it. When women are sexually aroused, we will develop our own natural lube that will get us just wet enough for the penetration. Thanks, vagina.


Photo: i_spy_vagina

We can exercise our vaginas

Ever heard of Kegel exercises? It’s basically exercises for vaginas since its surrounded by muscles that you can flex and strengthen. Kegel workout gears such as Ben Wa balls and yoni eggs will help you work out the pelvic floor that surround the vaginal canal. Stronger Kegels will help you give you more intense contractions during orgasms and you can exercise your kegels anytime and anywhere… even at work and nobody will know. Learn how to do Kegel exercises here.

You can put stuff in your vagina

Not that we encourage you to make a stash box in your vagina, but it’s basically a nature’s pocket.

Photo: Devoninspace/Etsy

Photo: Devoninspace/Etsy

Our clitoris is 5 inches long
Say what? The clitoris is typically 9 to 11 cm long. Yes it is. According to Leah Millheiser, M.D., clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine, stated that most of our clitoris is tucked out of view. “The most sensitive part is the clitoral glans—the part we see—but the entire thing, which extends into the vagina, can be stimulated,” she explains. Well, the more we know.

Vaginas can achieve multiple orgasms
While men have to wait for their penises for a refractory period to come again, our refractory period varies from person to person and it tends to get longer with age. Women can also achieve orgasm from vaginal, clitoral, and even nipple and perianal stimulation. Woop.

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