You Can Now Freeze Off Your Fat

If you’re looking to drop some fat, what are your options? Exercise and diet would be best of course, but that requires dedication and commitment. For a more permanent solution, those with less time but more money on their hands turn to liposuction, a procedure that delivers permanent fat reduction at the cost of invasive surgery.

But what if there was a way to remove fat without knives and surgery? What if you could just… freeze it off?

That’s what some very smart machines promise to do. These machines, brought in by medical aesthetic company NeoAsia, guarantee a faster, cheaper, less painful way to remove fat using a technique called cryolipolysis. How?

First, the anatomy of fat.

Traditional weight loss methods are called “fat-burning” for a reason. Our fat cells are like little expandable balloons filled with fat. As we charge through our daily run or Zumba class, our body uses that fat as fuel. The balloons empty and we slim down– but it’s only the fat in the cells and not the cells themselves that are used up. The emptied fat cells remain in our bodies, like deflated balloons, waiting to store up fat again the next time you eat one too many brownies.

Because of this, people who lose weight through dieting and exercise often find that their weight comes back if they don’t stick to it. Besides that, exercise cannot ‘spot-reduce’ fat deposits in specific areas – your body uses its fat reserves as it sees fit. Targeted exercises can work muscles in a certain area, but you won’t see any definition until your body sheds the fat covering it.

Hence liposuction, a plastic surgery technique that physically removes fat cells from the body. After an incision is made in the desired body part, machines break up fat cells and suck (hence the name: lipo refers to fat, and suction speaks for itself) them out of your body. This is an invasive procedure, and comes with all the risks and recovery down-time associated with surgery.

But cryolipolysis (cryo means cold; lysis, to break) targets fat deposits and destroys them by cooling them downto a temperature that destroys them. The destroyed fat cells are cleared naturally by the body, no knives required.

Here’s how it works:

Each hour-long session is less painful and invasive than traditional liposuction. Used in conjunction with shockwave technology that stimulates collagen formation and skin tightening, this technique also prevents the problem of loose excess skin associated with rapid weightloss and liposuction.

These machines are now available in selected clinics in Malaysia.

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