Protect Your Peepers from the Nasty UV Rays!

Don’t look straight at the sun.

Photography: Pinterest

Photography: Pinterest

The skin is our largest and most exposed organ in the body. Whether you live in sunny Malaysia or the coldest country in the world, there’s no escaping from the harmful UV rays. Too much of sun exposure doesn’t only leave you with a painful sunburn, but a chance to ruin your eyes as well. Here are some things you need to know to avoid risking your eyesight.

1. UV rays are evil

The worst thing is that they’re everywhere, including random light sources such as halogen and flood lamps. Too much of UV rays can cause several issues like inflamed cornea, loss of eyesight, and eyelid cancer. UV radiation is 10 times more ‘tamer’ before 9am and after 3pm, so you’re safe during those periods.

2. There’s no turning back

You’d be wishing that you have Hermione’s time turner, since eye damage cause by UV rays are completely permanent. Surgery will be able to fix serious eye conditions such as obtaining the yellow bump on your eye (ptergium) and the surfer’s eye (pterygium), but it could happen again when UV radiation comes into play. It’s being said by the World Health Organisation that at least 20 percent of cataract cases occurred from UV radiation.

3. Think of the children

Unfortunately 80 percent of sun exposure occurs during our childhood years. It makes sense since kids are three times under the sun as compared to adults.

4. Shades ≠ Protection

Actually it’s pretty subjective. There are sunglasses from proper brands that will block out all of those unnecessary UV rays from your sight. The opposite will start messing with your eyes; it’ll absorb more UV radiation and randomly cause your pupils to dilate. Be wary as not all shades with dark lenses work like how we expected it to be.

5. Can’t run away from it

As mentioned before, UV radiation is obtainable everywhere. Being in an indoor setting won’t make your chances of being harmed by UV rays any lesser, due to the indoor lights. Also, those who are living far from the equator line are less exposed to UV lights compared to the latter.

Shield your eyes:

  • Protect your eyelids by dabbing sunscreen on it. Not too much though, as it’ll make its way to sting your eyeballs.
  • A UV rating of 100 and the word ‘blockage’ or ‘absorption’ printed alongside the label is a definite win-win!
  • Transition lenses aren’t just fascinating to look at, but it blocks UV lights according to the amount of exposure.
  • Rocking the beachy wide brimmed hat as well as a wraparound pair of sunnies will cover up the eyes, eyelids and the sides of your eyes. Triple protection!
  • If you need more clarification, make a trip to the optometrist and see which lens is recommended by an expert for you!

Original story  from Female Magazine Malaysia December 2007 issue.

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