#changedestiny: Starting fresh

When an awful accident struck, test engineer Najlaa’ Aqilah did not expect for huge blessings to come. Find out how she turned her luck around.

sk-ii changedestiny najlaa aqilah



FEMALE: So you were involved in an accident. Tell us more about what happened.

Najlaa’: “Five years ago I was involved in a major accident that turned my life completely. I suffered a crush injury on my left hand and I couldn’t use it anymore. And since I was born left-handed, I had to learn using my right hand for everything from scratch.”


FEMALE: That sounds terrible! What sort of challenges did you go through?

Najlaa’: “Since I was still in university then, I had to learn to write and work using my right hand, and let me tell you, as an adult, is was extremely difficult. Imagine stressing out for assignments and exams and doing it all at half the pace you’re used to – it was incredibly frustrating!”


FEMALE: How did you manage to get through it all?

Najlaa’: “My family and friends have been amazing. They’ve given me so much encouragement and support. I’m so happy that I’m surrounded by a lot of positive people in my life.”


FEMALE: How are you holding up now?

Najlaa’: “I’ve just so proud of myself for accomplishing a lot. All my dreams have come true – I’ve got a job and I’ve overcome challenges. I can never be grateful enough for I now know that nothing is impossible.”


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