6 Hangover Cures To Feel Human Again

No, another drink won’t remedy that throbbing cranium the morning after. Here are smart ways to make you feel better.

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Woke up with that familiar head-pounding and body-aching after a night of heavy drinking? We feel you (and don’t blame you, considering how the recent festive weeks entailed endless parties and soirées). But before you swear off alcohol again for the 100th time, consider these smarter ways to sober up in the morning.


1. Water

This one’s a no-brainer. Anyone who drinks would know that alcohol dehydrates the body and replenishing it with H20 is a sure-fire way to go. But it’s all in the timing. When you’re out, try alternating one glass of water and (insert alcohol of choice) to minimise fluid loss. Also, the idea of chugging more water after you’ve had one too many may sound revolting, but rehydrating with at least 500ml of water before you sleep will ease that dreaded headache.

2. Eat (healthy) carb

Contrary to popular belief, greasy food won’t do much for your hangover. Instead, you should rely on a nutritious diet (involving carb since it’s known to bring your blood sugar levels back up) to increase your energy levels. Pre-drinking note: food generally slows down the absorption of alcohol, so don’t forget to line your stomach before all those Jägerbomb and tequila shots.

Pro-tip Potassium-rich bananas hold on to water to prevent dehydration while asparagus simultaneously speeds up alcohol breakdown and protects the liver.

3. Sports/isotonic drinks

No thanks to the diuretic effect of alcohol, our bodies lose a few electrolytes (which ensure our cells and organs function normally). Hence, we are always advised to replenish them with isotonic drinks to reduce that sluggish feeling.

4. Tea

No, not another shot of tea-quila! Herbal teas like ginger or peppermint are perfect for nursing any alcohol-induced nausea and stomach cramps. To soothe your poor liver, opt for green tea, which will aid your body with a much-needed detox.

5. Sweet sips

Craving carbonated drinks or juice? Now is your opportunity to indulge in them since they speed up the body’s ability to metabolise alcohol by faster processing of aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) aka the culprit of hangovers.

6. Pain-relief meds

When all else fails, you can always turn to PMS-related painkillers like ibuprofen and any over-the-counter aspirins to ease the discomfort. You can also take multivitamins to restore any nutrient loss from your body caused by a booze binge.

Bonus: have one drink per hour!

Cos that’s how long our bodies take to metabolise a unit of alcohol, be it beer, wine or a shot. Prevention is the best cure to lower your risk of a monumental hang. Plus, we’re all for moderate and responsible drinking!


Photography: Shutterstock