4 Apps That Will Help You Seek Inner Happiness

Discover the art of mindfulness.

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It’s pretty easy to get lost in a train of negative thoughts, just don’t let it consume you. To avoid that from happening, surround yourself with a heavy dose of positivity. A good way to kick start your progress is through meditation. No time for meditation classes? These apps will only require you to set aside a small time of your day.



Available on iOS | Apple Watch compatible | First 10 foundation levels are free

If an app receives the thumbs up from Emma Watson, you just gotta know that it just works. Headspace’s guided meditation teaches everyone, beginners or pros, to fully get the full experience of meditating on a daily basis. It includes a different variety of meditation series that allows you to lock your focus on growing your creativity, improving your sports performance and even learning the mindfulness art of acceptance. For Headspace’s singles, their SOS guided feature is the most popular for its ability to cool their listeners down in 3 minutes.



Available on iOS and Andriod | Apple Watch compatible | 7 days free trial

Difficulty in falling asleep is horrible to the max. If all else fails, Calm might be the solution you’re looking for. Alongside the usual meditation programs, what makes Calm unique is their Sleep Stories feature. As you may have guessed it, Sleep Stories is a series of audio bedtime stories that will doze you off to dreamland. If you follow their Twitter (https://twitter.com/calm?lang=en), you’ll be updated on every new bedtime story that has been added into their collection!



Available on iOS and Andriod | Free to use for non-premium meditations

Welzen is making a comeback with a new interface! It emphasises on living an anxiety and stress free life by maintaining your meditation practices (like how you would work out at the gym). If you’re a user of this app you may find some relationship improvements and as well as learning the way to decrease your anxiety level.


Stop, Breathe & Think 

Available on iOS and Android | Basic meditation are free to use

This app was initially created by Tools for Peace, a non-profit organisation which emphasises on the importance of kindness for the soul. After being a huge thing in a lot of education institutions, Stop, Breathe & Think started spreading out amongst the public. It offers users the main guided meditation as well as guided yoga practices that will aid you to a better peace of mind!


By Nadrah Ahmad Kamal

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