3 Yoga Stretches That’ll Solve All Your Deskbound Office Woes

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Spending long hours at your desk for work doesn’t just wreak havoc on your skin. All those hours cramped into a computer chair with minimal movement can be hell on your body, posture, and well-being.

If you’re plagued by niggling aches in your joints, tight muscles, and even headaches, try these three Yoga poses to help stretch out your poor muscles, relieve tension, and increase flexibility for less pain in the future.

1. Warrior Pose

Strengthens the shoulders, arms, feet, ankles and legs, and stretches the ankles, legs, groins, chest and shoulders, stimulates the abdominal organs, and can relieve backaches.

  1. Stand with your legs wide and arms sretched out to the side. Make sure your wrists are directly above your ankles.
  2. Turn one foot to the side and move the other to point forwards. Bend the knee of the side-pointing foot, lowering your hips until your thigh is parallel to the floor.
  3. Keep your core – belly, spine, and chest – tight and lifted, and hold your shoulders open and back.
  4. Breathe through your nose and focus on the hand stretched over your bent knee. Hold for 5-10 deep breaths.
  5. Return to the starting position and repeat 3 times.
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