10 Important Fitness Tips From Celebrity Trainer Artur Zolkiewicz

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On the one diet rule he swears by:

“I get as much colourful vegetables in my daily nutrition as possible. 10-15 servings a day instead of 5 a day! I also pay attention to how I feel a few hours after I ate as opposed to how I feel during I eat certain foods. Start paying attention and you will notice that good food truly makes you feel good for longer whereas less healthy choices will only make you feel good for a few minutes!”

On his thoughts about supplements:

“I do believe in supplements. There is a place for them, especially nowadays when people are busy and many people don’t get enough nutrition with their regular diet. I take quite a few supplements which I have found work well for me; I notice a difference in my recovery and sleep when I take Zinc and Magnesium, mostly before going to bed. Whenever I travel, you can find a good quality fish oil in my luggage to make sure I get good quality Omega3 fatty acids. I also switch between vegan pea protein and whey protein powder supplements to make sure that I get sufficient protein in my diet.

Essential Greens are always a good option to make sure that I get enough servings of vegetables in my daily nutrition – one serving equals four servings of vegetables. Whenever I’m under a lof of stress I take Rhodiola and Ashwaganda. I also travel with fiber supplement – I use fiber supplement which is a mix of all different kinds of fiber which is important as it’s best to get a wide variety of fiber. I take probiotics for gut health if I don’t get enough with my diet.”

Artur (far left) is also part of Anna Lewandowska’s (one of Poland’s most famous fitness trainers and nutritional specialist) team.

On why people fail to meet their fitness/weight loss goals:

“Consistency is definitely one of the most important aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. The busy lifestyles led by many people nowadays make it harder to commit to eating healthily, moving and sleeping enough. I always tell my clients to plan ahead: Book your training sessions in your calendar and treat it as if it was an important meeting at work. Try to prepare your food in advance. Don’t buy unhealthy food so you don’t have it at home when the cravings come.”

On the one fitness myth he’d like to debunk:

“‘No pain, no gain’ is definitely one of the myths which I don’t agree with. While it might make some sense for a certain population, it definitely doesn’t for most people who train. Constant soreness, ongoing little pains and aches are definitely not something you’re looking for if you think about the longevity of your fitness!

There is also a trend in the industry which makes people think that every workout needs to be a high intensity, sweat dripping and exhausting session and the less you can walk afterwards, the better was the session. There is a place for high intensity workouts given that people who do them have the right prerequisites to take part in this kind of training. Constant high intensity workouts are counterproductive as they may actually slow your progress down!”

On what his workout playlist looks like:

Artur will be at The Sanchaya estate from 13th – 23rd August, during which he will host morning and afternoon classes in addition to personal training and Q&A sessions to address guest’s specific wellness goals. To find out more on how you can take part, click here
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