10 Important Fitness Tips From Celebrity Trainer Artur Zolkiewicz

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On the one personal regime he swears by:

“Consistency and hard work. Without them it’s hard to get good at anything and they are the absolute must for any kind of improvement. Be consistent with what you plan as creating a habit will help you reach your goals.”

On what we shouldn’t give up on:

“One thing for women I’d say is that they shouldn’t be afraid of lifting weights. Don’t be afraid to look like a bodybuilder. First of all it takes a huge amount of work and sacrifices to build significant amount of muscle. Secondly, it is indeed harder for women to build a bigger physique as they simply have less testosterone which is a major factor in building lean muscle mass. There are so many benefits to weight lifting it’s hard to name them all. Better hormonal health, stronger joints, smaller risk of injury, healthier and stronger bones and so much more.”

On the best time to exercise:

“According to research it’s better to exercise in the morning if your goal is fat loss and in the evening if you want to build muscle or lift heavier. Personally I don’t like to train too late as it tends to affect my sleep. I mostly exercise around noon after I finished with my morning commitments. The reality of it is that some people can’t really choose what time they exercise due to their busy schedules. I wouldn’t sweat too much over what time you train, getting it done is more important  than what time it’s done in my opinion. It’s also very personal as we’re all unique – find the time that works for you and stick to it!”

Artur works as a Performance Coach and Gym Manager at The Workshop Gymnasium that’s located in the Bulgari Hotel in London.
Photo: Instagram @theworkshopgymnasium

On why sleep is important when it comes to fitness:

“Sleep is so important! The optimal amount of sleep falls between 6-8 hours. The more you train, the more you will need to rest. People who get less sleep have increased daytime cortisol levels which can lead to muscle loss occurring when high cortisol levels begin breaking down the body’s tissue. Sleep deprivation leads to a number of changes in the hormonal release and metabolism of humans, especially increased hunger and appetite. One study found that those who train in the morning tend to go to sleep earlier. However an evening workout has a similar effect to a warm bath which makes you fall asleep faster as well. I get at least 7-8 hours sleep per night and I absolutely see this as one of the main training principles.”

On the biggest oversight people make:

“People tend to obsess about one particular way of getting healthier. Very often it’s something that worked for their friend or colleague and they think that its going to work for them as well. We need to remember that each and every of us is unique, with their own very unique stories. I think one of the most important aspects of getting healthier is assessing and listening to your own body. Secondly, people also very often confuse getting healthy with looking good. Being in an amazing, fitness magazine cover model-like shape doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re healthy. I know, this might sound daunting, but getting to this point is a long journey which includes trade offs many of us don’t want to or are not ready to make.”

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