8 Things To Do For The First Half Of August 2019

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2. Watch a comedy show by women for women

Malaysia’s comedy queens Joanna Kam and Shamaine Othman are back, and they’ve got a cracker of a show up their sleeves! Written for women, this restaging of The POMPuan Show promises a night filled with laughter and anecdotes on issues we all can relate to! Performing alongside will be Tria Aziz, Chelsia Ng, and Filzah Azmi. Get ready for laughs and inspiration as this no-holds barred comedy celebrates independent women.

When: 9 – 10 August 2019 (Penang), 31 August 2019 (KL)

Where: PenangPAC (Penang), The Platform, Menara Ken, TTDI (KL)

Price: RM70 (Standard), RM90 (Premium)

Contact: event page

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