Stop Everything, McDonald’s Malaysia Is Serving Durian McFlurry

Here’s where you can get the most Malaysian McDonald’s dessert ever.

For the past few years, there’s been a little thing a small group of people (your dear writer included) look forward to every few months: McDonald’s new seasonal dessert flavours.

They’re charmingly local and usually always delicious. Who can forget hits like the legendary lychee sundae cone of Chinese New Year 2016 (that has now belatedly attracted international attention for its chic millennial pink hue), the great cendol sundae cone and air mata kucing sundaes of Hari Raya 2017, and misses like the distinctly slimy dragonfruit sundae?

Now, in conjunction with the 2017 SEA Games, McDonald’s has released the most daring, polarising, and uniquely Malaysian dessert ever: the Durian McFlurry.

That’s right, Durian McFlurry. The dessert is made with real D24 durian swirled into their signature vanilla ice cream. Now how do you get it?

It’s a limited time dessert and is available only at McDonald’s branches with dessert counters, so check THIS LIST for eligible branches and head over to your nearest one now!

Besides the Durian McFlurry, McDonald’s is also serving up a limited edition Kon Gemilang, which looks super patriotic with its yellow sweetcorn ice cream and bright red cone!

Traditional dessert lovers will also want to try the new pulut hitam pie, with its glutinous black rice filling.

Okay bye, I’m off to McDonald’s.