Our Favourite Dishes From Quivo’s Jom Makan Ramadhan Menu

If only we could eat these all day.

Launched back in September 2014 in Pavilion KL (behind Kate Spade), QUIVO is an al fresco restaurant and bar that serves the best Beef Brisket & Wild Mushroom Risotto in the world. Every time I dine there, that’s the go-to dish I order and it never disappoints.

So when the day finally came for me to visit them and try out their Mediterranean-infused-with-Malaysian-flair menu, I was devastated that I wouldn’t be having my usual. I even brought Rachel, FEMALE’s Special Projects Writer, along to make sure I try something new. Nonetheless, if there’s one thing Quivo does well, it’s that they serve delicious meals that linger in your taste buds while leaving you wanting more no matter how full you already are. Let’s just say, the next time I return, the Beef Risotto isn’t going to be the only thing I’d be ordering.

Note that portions of the dishes below are enough for sharing. So grab your friends and family together when you dine so that you’ll able to try more than one item on the menu!

First up: Drinks!

Bandung Surprise, RM16 (left)

“The ice cream makes the Bandung even more indulgent. Would definitely get this on my cheat days!” – Rachel

“My favourite part was the rose syrup-infused sago but the ice cream was also an added bonus in making the drink more interesting.” – Tammy

Winter Melon Rush, RM16 (Right)

“It’s so refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness.” – Rachel

“It tastes as refreshing as it looks. A guaranteed satisfaction especially after all the hearty dishes you’re going to have.” – Tammy

Beef Rendang Pizza, RM35

“I loved how the braised beef coconut curry added a Malaysian twist to the regular pizza!” – Rachel

“Just writing this makes me want to eat it again. Nothing beats a good ol’ traditional + western dish. Besides, can you ever say no to pizza? Thought so.” – Tammy

Claypot Fish Head Curry, RM69

“It reminded me of my grandmother’s own fish curry I would smell every time I used to get home from school!” – Rachel

“I’m not a big fan of curries in general but I’d give this a 8/10 mainly because it was tasty enough to make it on my list of ‘Places to bring my dad who loves fish head curry when he comes down to KL’.” – Tammy

Butter Prawn Risotto, RM49

“I love buttery food and this one really hit the spot! The prawn was incredibly fresh and there were hints of salted egg which I love.” – Rachel

“Yes! I can now officially vouch that the Beef Brisket version still takes the crown. But this alternative would be perfect for you if you don’t take beef, if you love seafood, and if you LOVE salted egg sauce. Do note that this risotto dish is a bit spicy than your typical Italian rice dish.” – Tammy


Lamb Briyani, RM49

“While the briyani was super flavourful and fragrant, I could not forget how tender the lamb was.” – Rachel

“I don’t usually eat lamb, but I devoured this dish in no time, leaving only a few pieces left for Rachel. The lamb did not have that usual ‘lamb-y’ smell that most of us fear, and it complemented the briyani rice very well.” – Tammy

Pandan Coconut Panna Cotta, RM18

“Although a little too sweet for me, I thought the gula Melaka balanced out the flavour of the panna cotta.” – Rachel

“Definitely a dessert you either love or hate (given the amount of pandan and coconut present). I for one enjoyed it. But do eat it fast as once it gets warm, it won’t taste as refreshing anymore.” – Tammy