FEMALE Tries: Tsukada Nojo And Unagi Man Man, Two Restaurants In Singapore Worth The Visit

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2. Unagi Man Man’s Hitsumabushi

Man Man is another Japanese import, and this time it’s all about eel. Specifically, live baby eels imported from the town of Mikawa in Japan’s Aikichi prefecture that are killed, prepared and grilled right in front of you for what’ll possibly be the best eel you eat outside of Japan.

First timers will want to try the Hitsumabushi (SGD $26.80), a set which lets you experience 4 different ways of enjoying the grilled eel– on its own, on its own on top of rice or with your choice of toppings, and finally in a light tea broth as ochazuke. The eel is perfectly grilled, sweet and tender without being fishy, and tastes great no matter how you choose to eat it.

A word of warning: the queues here can get pretty intense, stretching down the block shortly after the restaurant’s 6 pm opening time. Your best bet is to show up a fair bit earlier than the opening time, and I definitely appreciated that my hotel, Oasia Downtown, was within comfortable walking distance.  But for such a meal, the wait is worth it!

Unagi Man Man
A:  1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, Singapore 089109
T: +65 6222 0678


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