FEMALE Tries:  Tatsu Japanese Cuisine

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Then it was a more hearty ingredient – meat! This is definitely the star of the night, Australian Wagyu Beef on Heated Himalayan Rock Salt best served medium rare. Placed over heated rock salt that flavours the meat while continues cooking it and we were told to taste the prime cut at its best needs to be eaten within 30 seconds.

Later we sampled the Lamb Chop which is a fusion of Japanese flavours on traditionally Western ingredients. Matcha powder mixed with premium Japanese salt is crusted around the lamb chop that acts as a seal to maintain the moisture of the meat. It’s a great combo of salt and green tea flavour, none overpowering the other. This dish is meant to be paired with sake to wash down the salt and a glass or two of alcohol always gets the party going!

Beef short ribs that have been braised with TLC for 10 hours using a Chinese double boiler to tenderise the meat so that it would melt and sink into your teeth. The sweet layer of garlic barbeque sauce coats the meat after being seared. The top layer of the ribs is a little crispy while still being tender in the middle.

Now, by this time, I’m incredibly stuffed but hey, I can make room for dessert – Chocolate Tarte and Caramelised Yuzu. A rich ganache that is fit in a perfectly non-crumble tart that has hints of yuzu which complements the bitter taste of the chocolate.  Decorated with strawberries, white chocolate and matcha whipped cream, this tarte is a gastronomic experience with the combination of sweet, sour and bitterness which blends together oh so well.

All in all, I definitely recommend having a western twist on eastern cuisine to give your taste buds an experience it will never forget.  Visit the Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur Hotel’s website for more information and if you’d like to try it for yourself, call for reservations or email [email protected]

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