Award-Winning Pastry Chef Pierrick Boyer Is Bringing Pastries To Kuching!

We speak to Melbourne-based pastry master Pierrick Boyer of Le Petit Gateau about his collaboration menu at the Madeline Cafe & Pattiserie in Kuching!

FEMALE: What are five things that people can expect from the new menu that’ll be launching at Madeline Cafe & Pattiserie?

Pierrick Boyer: Expect my Melbourne best-sellers: the brownie passion, the gluten-free orange flourless cake, the revised peanut crunch (my personal fave!) You can also expect flavours, textures mixed with local flavours. And of course, lots of favourites that I’ve been fine tuning over the past 10 years. Because cakes evolve with time, I want them to be sharp, streamlined, simple, and elegant without being overly done.


F: Tell us more about the collaboration. What’s unique and different about the new menu that’s about to be launched?

PB: Food Journal Sdn Bhd is a up-and-coming F&B group based in Sarawak. With their maiden F&B concept – the Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie – we’re working on making it a cafe that customers can not only trust for delicious cakes and pastries with a beautiful environment, but also a brand that has long-term sustainability and scalability.  And ever since the first time we spoke until now, they have been very professional, understanding, and have a great attitude and work ethic. And we gel together quite well.

F: Each country has its own set of preferences when it comes to food. From your observations here, what do you think Malaysians prefer?

PB: Absolutely all the exotic fruits– and that’s also what I’ve been using back home in Melbourne. I use a lot of mango, passionfruit, and coconut. I especially like to marry them with chocolate or in tarts.

F: What are five things you love about Madeline Cafe? 

PB: I love the decor – it’s laid back, very Parisian and elegant at the same time. Also it has great location, great people, and the slow-pressed juice and coffee are really amazing.
For more information, check out Pierrick Boyer’s work on his own website, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie on Instagram and Facebook.