6 Teh Tarik Treats To Celebrate Our Teh Tarik Day And Malaysia Day!

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After a month-long journey, Lipton Malaysia’s Make September 15th Teh Tarik Day campaign is finally at an end. So is Malaysia getting the date to celebrate the proud and joyous Malaysian drink a day of its own?

Sejarah tercipta! Terima kasih atas sokongan anda untuk meraikan minuman kegemaran negara. Jangan lupa kejar van Lipton untuk Teh Tarik percuma! Lipton Ekstra Kaw. Rasa lebih pekat, lebih hebat untuk Teh Tarik. #HariTehTarikMalaysia #LiptonKaw

Posted by Lipton on 14hb September 2017


The result…yes we go it! Thanks to Lipton for making it a reality.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate it by trying out one of these Teh Tarik inspired treats to try over the weekend!

1.  Cake Jalan Tiung

This homegrown cake shop constantly come up with intriguing flavours for their cakes. Of course, they’ve got to include teh tarik cake in their menu. Constructed in a two-layer tea-infused cake glued together with handmade tea curd and a very light drizzle of condensed milk. Their fans always order it in full size so you know it’s good! Follow them on Instagram so you can keep an eye out for it cos their menu changes every week.

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