6 Places to Get Traditional Kuih in Klang Valley

For a change, grab a packet (or two) of traditional kuih at one of these stores.

Photography: malayachronicles.com

Tired of the same old fancy cakes? Why not go back the traditional Malaysian kuih (or bite sized snacks in English) and enjoy a sweet taste of the good old days. The thing about this kind of kuih is that it’s hard to come by and takes longer time to make, so not many sell them anymore unless you really look for them. But we manage to track down a few spots here in Klang Valley for you to devour!



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A holy grail in most lists, the shop offers a variety of kuih. Whilst the décor look basic, the sweet treats sold there make up for it. You have a choice of some colourful chewy kuih angku, pulut tai tai accompanied with kaya and also kuih sago amongst many others. The owner, Mrs. Lim makes the kuih herself so you can be sure it tastes very much authentic.

16, Jalan 21/22,
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Time: : Everyday, 8.30am to 5pm



Well what they’re selling is pretty obvious from the name of the shop. Located in Shah Alam, this shop sells Malaysian kuih like lepat pisang (mashed bananas mixed with shredded coconuts and steamed in banana leaf), kuih koci, kuih lapis (nine layered steamed caked often comes in a rainbow of colours), akok and many more. You can enjoy a good evening either with your pals or savour your personal time over their sweet treats with some coffee or tea on the side.

Jalan Renang 13/26,
Shah Alam,

Time: Everyday, 10am – 10pm


Photography: hungrygowhere.com

If you’re looking to taste some ondeh-ondeh (green gluten ball stuffed with gula Melaka and covered in shaved coconut) that bursts in your mouth on the first bite, this is the place to go. Besides that, you can also include their kuih ketayap (burned gula Melaka with shredded coconut and palm sugar wrapped in a pandan crepe), seri muka (a combination of the blue glutinous rice top with a layer of pandan), kochi nyonya and more. They also serve delicious meals like laksa, curry mee, and even their packed fried Siam bihun tastes good!

LG 230A, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Shopping Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur

Time: Everyday, 10am – 10pm


Photography: timeout.com

Lee Yeok Choi has been a vendor for over 40 years. Come 3pm everyday, you’d definitely see him in the same exact spot. He’s just a simple guy but people love what he has to offer his customers. If you happen to be in the area, don’t forget to stop by and pay him a visit.

Tip: See what his regulars buy and you won’t be disappointed cos if everybody’s buying it, you know it’s bound to be good!

2-4 Lorong Ara Kiri,
Lucky Garden,
Kuala Lumpur,

Time: Monday and  Tue, Thursday to Sunday, 3pm – 6pm



Photography: thesmartlocal.com

If you’re familiar with the famous TMC curry fish head stall in Bangsar, then you may or may not notice a little stall next to it that sells Appam. Cooked to perfection, the appams there are freshly made so you can experience the soft coconut infused centre with crispy edge for that crunch whilst it’s hot. If you’ve got a sweeter tooth then ask for the caramelised brown sugar on top. So worth it!

Lorong Ara Kiri 3,
Lucky Garden,
Kuala Lumpur,

Time: Monday to Saturday, 10am – 10.45pm


Photography: zilzarlife.com

This business started in 1992, when a mother and daughter decided to sell kuih on a small scale at the Pasar Moden Taman Tun Dr Ismail. But soon after, their business boomed and they managed to afford to rent a space at the TTDI Market, selling a variety of Malay and Nyonya kuih. You can try out their selection of kuih bakar pandan (baked pandan fragrant cake), kuih talam pandan (two layer kuih — the top is a jelly-like layer that has a salty coconut flavour while its bottom is made from rice and mung bean) and  Ko Swee (made from tapioca starch, rice flour and covered in a layer of shredded coconut).

TTDI Market (Pasar Awam Besar TTDI),
Jalan Wan Kadir,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur,

Time: Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30 am – 2pm


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