Our Top 4 Places To Visit For A Jolly Meal This Christmas

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2. Quivo

Perfect for date nights.

I’ve dined at Quivo countless of times, and each time I order the same item – Beef Brisket Risotto. Which was why I was incredibly hesitant when they told me I should give their Christmas menu a try this time around. Feeling adventurous, I agreed and ended up walking away with my new fave dish from the restaurant in Pavilion.

Called the ‘Rudolp’s Favourite’, this red fish fillet is wrapped in vegetable herb broth and topped with tangy green salsa. It was served warm and the broth did an amazing job in warming me up after walking around the air-conditioned mall for hours. Those who know me will know that I’m not the biggest fan of fish, but this I’ll make an exception for given how tasty it was.

Besides this dish, there are three other dishes from the special Xmas menu you can choose from. ‘Christmas Morning’ (deep-fried crispy crab cake served with remoulade sauce and a side of warm kale salad tower), ‘The Grinch’ (Nutty pistachio-crusted lamb racks served with Provolone risotto cake and saffron Bearnaise sauce and ‘Santa Surprise’ (grilled beef medallio, succulent tiger prawn and asparagus served with truffle fries).

While I did not order the ‘Santa Surprise’, I did get to sample Quivo’s truffle fries. A latest addition to their menu, the fries are now my greatest weakness. Try it and be the judge for yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

I personally think this restaurant (situated right behind Kate Spade in Pavilion, KL) is the ideal place for date nights because of its atmosphere. It has a chill vibe without being too noisy and you get to people-watch at the same time. So grab your partner, order a glass of champagne and create new memories that’ll last you till next Christmas comes around!

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