5 Places To Get Your Delicious Matcha Fix in Klang Valley

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 There are endless varia-teas of great matcha infused food and drinks around the Klang Valley and we’ve gathered five of the best offering different matcha yummy treats!

matcha blending equipment

Photography: ingimages.com

So what is matcha? It’s basically a powdered green tea where the green tea leaves are grind. Depending on the quality of the matcha, you can the full nutritional values contained on the leaf. Of course, you can get those in the highest quality of matcha which you can tell from the colour of the matcha powder. The vibrant the green the better it is; those are called ceremonial grade. According to matchasource.com a cup of matcha tea has the nutritional equivalent to that of 10 cups of the regular green tea. We must say There’s just something about the green aromatic tea that gives a sense of zen to your body inside and out.

With that here are our top picks to get your matcha craving fix for the weekend!


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